News Outlets Discuss Longevity Of Coronavirus Antibodies, Likelihood Of Reinfection

AP: Virus antibodies fade fast but not necessarily protection
“New research suggests that antibodies the immune system makes to fight the new coronavirus may only last a few months in people with mild illness, but that doesn’t mean protection also is gone or that it won’t be possible to develop an effective vaccine…” (Marchione, 7/22).

New York Times: Can You Get Covid-19 Again? It’s Very Unlikely, Experts Say
“…It may be possible for the coronavirus to strike the same person twice, but it’s highly unlikely that it would do so in such a short window or to make people sicker the second time, [some experts] said. What’s more likely is that some people have a drawn-out course of infection, with the virus taking a slow toll weeks to months after their initial exposure…” (Mandavilli, 7/22).

NPR: Studies Suggest Immunity To The Coronavirus Is Likely To Be Short Term
“Most people who get sick with COVID-19 develop antibodies which help them ward off the disease. Scientists can’t say for sure whether those antibodies will protect people from re-infection or how long they persist. NPR science correspondent Richard Harris looked into the latest studies on this subject and what they could mean for a vaccine…” (Harris, 7/22).

Washington Post: Can you get coronavirus twice? Doctors are unsure even as anecdotal reports mount.
“…There is still not enough evidence or sufficient time since the virus first struck to draw firm conclusions about how people develop immunity to covid-19, how long it might last — or what might make it less robust in some individuals than in others…” (Johnson/Cha, 7/22).