News Outlets Continue To Cover U.N. Report On Importance Of Early Breastfeeding For Newborns

Al Jazeera: UNICEF: 78 million newborns at risk when breastfeeding is delayed
“An estimated 78 million newborns have a higher risk of death each year from not drinking their mother’s milk within the first hours of being born, according to the United Nations…” (7/31).

Quartz: The simple post-birth step that dramatically increases babies’ chances of survival
“…The reasons can often be traced to outdated practices in hospitals or health facilities, as well as cultural factors in certain countries. Some hospitals give newborns infant formula instead of breast milk, for example, while other health workers separate mothers from their babies immediately after birth…” (Timsit, 7/31).

Washington Times: Breastfeeding within hour of birth vital for newborns
“…Breast milk is essential because it gives babies colostrum, an antibody-rich nutrient, and provides critical first contact with the mother, WHO said. The report follows news this month that the United States had tried to block a resolution at the World Health Assembly that supported breastfeeding over formula…” (Kelly, 7/31).