News Outlets Continue Reporting On Removal Of TRIPS Flexibilities From U.N. Draft Declaration On TB

Intellectual Property Watch: U.N. Political Declaration On TB Finalized: No Commitment To TRIPS Flexibilities
“…After weeks of heated negotiations over the inclusion of references to TRIPS flexibilities in the operative paragraphs [of the draft of the Political Declaration on the Fight Against Tuberculosis], with the Group of 77 pushing for inclusion and the United States against it, the final text of the political declaration reflects the deadlock of these positions. Due to the inability of member states to reach agreement, the final text does not include substantive reference to TRIPS flexibilities. If no countries object, this final draft of the Political Declaration on TB will be adopted by the General Assembly at the High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis, which will take place on 26 September at the United Nations in New York, and will serve as the authoritative agreement from which action plans will be drawn…” (Branigan, 7/24).

POLITICO: U.S. pressures other nations on U.N. resolution
“…The now-removed sections would have allowed developing countries to override drug companies’ patents in cases of public health need, a practice known as compulsory licensing that can make medicines more affordable — but has drawn drug makers’ ire before. … One paragraph that ‘recognizes the importance of affordable medicines’ remains in what appears to be the final version of the resolution. That’s not enough to protect TB drug access, according to Doctors Without Borders. … Sen. Sherrod Brown in June sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking that the Trump administration commit to language protecting TB medicines’ affordability…” (Diamond et al., 7/24).