News Outlets Continue Coverage Of Wellcome Global Monitor Results On Public Trust Of Vaccines, Science

Al Jazeera: Western Europeans have least trust in vaccines worldwide: Report (6/19).

CNN: Richer countries have less faith in vaccines, survey finds (Hunt, 6/19).

Nature: Japan and Ukraine most likely to doubt safety of vaccines (Else, 6/19).

POLITICO: Europe most vaccine-skeptic region in the world, survey says (Paun, 6/19).

POLITICO: Study: Around the world, troubling levels of vaccine mistrust (Allen, 6/19).

Reuters: Eroding trust in vaccines leaves populations vulnerable, global study finds (Kelland, 6/19).

TIME: Most People Worldwide Trust That Vaccines Are Safe — But the Amount That Don’t Is Concerning (Ducharme, 6/19).

VICE News: The 11 Countries Where People Don’t Trust Vaccines (Marcin, 6/19).