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New York Times Examines WHO Director General Election, Profiles Candidates

New York Times: The Campaign to Lead the World Health Organization
“In May, the World Health Organization will select a new director general, a choice that will affect the health of hundreds of millions in the developing world — perhaps even more if a global pandemic were to emerge. … The election comes at pivotal moment for the WHO. The organization that the candidates hope to lead has reached a crossroads, and many experts believe it suffers from a crippling identity crisis. … On most issues, the candidates’ positions are similar. … But in interviews with the New York Times and in public forums, the candidates have dodged some fundamental questions. None will say what they will cut from the agency’s strained budget. None will name any countries, foundations, or corporations they think have too much influence. … Following are short profiles of the three candidates to lead the WHO…” (McNeil, 4/3).