New Wilson Center Podcast Series Explores How Population Trends Shape World

Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program’s “New Security Beat”: Everybody Counts: New Podcast Series on How Global Population Trends Shape Our World
“From mass urbanization to massive refugee flows, high fertility to record low birth rates, global population is changing in unprecedented ways. ‘Everybody Counts,’ a new podcast series hosted by Rhodes College Professor and Wilson Center Global Fellow Jennifer D. Sciubba, launches a lively and thoughtful conversation about the ways human population shapes our world and how we live today. In the first episode, Sciubba talks about what happens when women wait to have kids. … She explores the research about super-low fertility and why a woman would choose to postpone childbearing. Sciubba is joined by author Elizabeth Katkin about the relationship between waiting to have kids and infertility…” (7/13).