New WHO Report Highlights Importance Of Health Systems To Healthy Aging

Huffington Post: Bravo, World Health Organization!
Michael Hodin, CEO of Global Coalition on Aging

“…[The] new WHO report will prove to be monumental not only for how it redefines healthy aging, but also for how it connects health and aging to questions of personal freedom, fiscal sustainability, and economic growth. … This WHO report marks a revolution because it forces us to recognize that aging isn’t just about the old. It’s about all of us. And aging is not just about diseases — but also health and activity, work and financial planning. It marks health policy as an essential milestone to better lives, individually and for society. … The WHO Report on Aging and Health gives us for the first time the pathway to 21st century healthy aging. Now it’s up to us — governments, partner global institutions across disciplines, and all of us to act” (9/30).