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New Republic Examines How Rise Of Nationalism Impacting Global Health

New Republic: How the rise of right-wing nationalism is jeopardizing the world’s health
“…Measles cases are multiplying across the globe for the same reason that the international campaign to eradicate polio has stalled, and that Ebola outbreaks continue, and that opportunistic new diseases like Zika take us by surprise: a rise in nationalist politics, which is causing countries to turn inward, harden their borders, and distrust outsiders. … Pathogens pay no respect to politics or to borders. Nationalist rhetoric seeks to persuade us that restricting visas and constructing walls will protect us. They will not. … Distrust of expertise, suspicion of immigrants, shunning of international cooperation — these all describe nationalist movements in Africa and Europe. But the place where official attitudes toward global public health have changed most sharply is the United States during the presidency of Donald Trump…” (McKenna, 4/1).