New Report On Health Security In Indo-Pacific Region To Inform Australian Investment, Engagement

Devex: Indo-Pacific health security threat data gathered in DFAT report
“In planning and responding to issues of health security, access to information on the health landscape — including health risks and ability to respond — is important. But in planning the priorities of the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade found the information wasn’t easily accessible. … An investment of more than $250,000 Australian dollars ($175,000) to bring together the risks and capacities of countries in the region helped produce ‘The State of Health Security in the Indo-Pacific Region’ report. … Findings from the report were brought together through the Australian aid lens, to incorporate themes of gender, disability, and climate change. According to DFAT, the report will help shape its investment and engagement in the region…” (Cornish, 7/2).