New Report Highlights Challenges Women Face In Global Health, Social Workforce

Gender Equity Hub: The WHO Gender Equity Hub Releases Groundbreaking Report Revealing the Detrimental Challenges to Gender Equity in the Global Health Workforce
“The Gender Equity Hub (GEH), co-chaired by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Women in Global Health Network (WGHN), has released [a] report on the current state of gender equity in the global health and social workforce. The report … highlights the unique barriers that female global health and social care workers face compared to their male colleagues, negatively impacting their well-beings and livelihoods and limiting the delivery of high-quality care. The GEH argues that improved gender equity in the global health workforce would result in widespread social and economic benefits, including reducing the global health worker shortage, strengthening the movement for gender equality and women’s empowerment, and fueling economic growth and development…” (3/20).

World Health Organization: Female health workers drive global health
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus discusses findings from the report, noting, “[G]ender transformative action is needed to address occupational segregation, leadership, harassment, and gender pay gap in the health and social workforce. … [T]he time to commit to investing in decent work for women in the health and social care workforce in now” (3/20).

World Health Organization: 10 key issues in ensuring gender equity in the global health workforce
This post outlines 10 key issues that emerged from the report on gender equity in the health workforce (3/20).