New Report Examines DOD’s Infectious Disease Efforts Related to Global Health

The Kaiser Family Foundation today released a new report, titled “The U.S. Department of Defense and Global Health: Infectious Disease Efforts,” that “provid[es] an overview of the Department of Defense’s infectious disease efforts related to global health,” according to an email alert. “The report looks at how the department’s infectious disease activities are organized internally and coordinated with other U.S. government agencies and partners,” the alert states, adding, “It identifies the various department funding streams for infectious disease efforts and spotlights the department’s work to address two of global health’s key infectious disease challenges, HIV/AIDS and malaria.” According to the alert, the new report “builds on ‘The U.S. Department of Defense and Global Health,’ a Kaiser Family Foundation report released last fall that provided the first comprehensive look at the department’s role in global health (10/22).