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New Report Examines District-Level Health Data In South Africa

South Africa’s Health-e on Tuesday published six articles highlighting Health Systems Trust’s annual District Health Barometer, which provides district-level data on a wide range of health issues. The first article examines maternal and infant mortality in various provinces and districts (Cullinan, 10/29). A second article lists “some of the worst districts in South Africa to be a woman or mother” based on different health indicators (Gonzalez, 10/29). A third article looks at child malnutrition in various districts (Cullinan, 10/29). A fourth article examines various health indicators for the Western Cape province (Cullinan, 10/29). A fifth article reports on Gauteng’s HIV treatment program (Cullinan, 10/29). The final article looks at HIV gains despite high numbers of patients in KwaZulu-Natal (10/29).