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New Model Of NCD Care In Sub-Saharan Africa Needed To Reach UHC

Devex: Opinion: A new model of NCD care to achieve UHC in sub-Saharan Africa
Nick Manuelpillai, medical adviser at the Joep Lange Institute

“…In their current state, the health budgets of sub-Saharan African countries do not allow the region to adequately cover [noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)] care for the population. To achieve [universal health coverage (UHC)] in these countries we must reduce the cost of care of NCDs. … A new model of care adopting the following three principles is essential to reducing the cost of NCD care and achieving UHC: 1. Remote monitoring, chatbots, and telemedicine can improve efficiency and reduce costs … 2. Generic drugs must become the default prescription dispensed by pharmacies … 3. Prevention must form the cornerstone of all treatment … The ability to use technology to significantly reduce the cost of care for NCD care will be a critical step for sub-Saharan Africa achieving UHC and is an opportunity for the region to lead the rest of the world and demonstrate what is possible in terms of NCD prevention and care” (10/16).