New Innovations Could Play Role In Reducing Childhood Pneumonia Deaths

Devex: Could smartphones, thermal images, or ultrasound save children from pneumonia?
Keith Klugman, director for pneumonia at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“…One of the key challenges the global health community faces is quickly and accurately diagnosing children who are at risk for pneumonia death and then rapidly starting them on the appropriate treatment. … To help address some of these issues, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation requested applications through our Grand Challenges Explorations initiative [from] anyone, from any discipline, anywhere in the world, with an innovative idea to reduce childhood pneumonia deaths. … On this World Pneumonia Day, I am proud to announce new grants to 10 scientists working on nine projects in seven countries to test out-of-the-box ideas to improve pneumonia detection. Through novel ideas, smart science, and diligence, we hope that all of these ideas will someday mature into tools that health care providers across the world can use to rapidly diagnose pneumonia and prevent death…” (11/12).