New Humanitarian Examines Potential Impact Of Brexit On E.U. Aid Funding, U.K. NGOs

New Humanitarian: What Brexit means for U.K. NGOs and foreign aid
“Brexit throws up a lot of questions for the U.K.’s role in international relief. Will British NGOs have to shrink once cut off from E.U. funding? How might the U.K. pool its aid funding with the E.U. if it’s not a member? Are U.K. NGOs disqualified from bidding on new grants, and what might the impact be on policy on both sides of the Channel? The E.U. has many different budgets, funds, and spending ‘instruments,’ but here we examine the key issues facing emergency relief under ECHO, its humanitarian aid department. Slightly different rules and procedures — and concerns — apply to other expenditure…” (Bailey, 4/17).