New Global Map Of Sex Work Laws Will Help Advocates, Researchers, Policymakers Advance Sex Workers’ Rights

The Guardian: Sex workers’ rights: mapping policy around the world
Cheryl Overs, founder of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects and visiting research fellow at IDS

“…As the dust settles after the debates set off by [Amnesty International’s] decision to support the decriminalization of sex work, it is clear that, for all the differences of opinion, there is a genuine appetite to solve problems associated with sex work and broad recognition that criminalization fails to do that. At national and sub-national levels, the challenge is to develop concrete, feasible ideas for effective laws and policies. This requires drilling down past big claims and moral arguments, past activists’ slogans and sensationalist headlines, and into the details of laws and policies and how they are enforced in different cultural, political, social, and economic environments. I am confident that the Sex Work Law Map will be an important tool in that process” (9/15).