New Diagnostic Tools, Cooperation Needed To Address Antibiotic Resistance In All Nations

The Guardian: The fight against antibiotic resistance must not be confined to the rich world
Caroline Purslow, program manager for the Longitude Prize at the Challenge Prize Centre of Nesta

“…A new report highlights the increase in both the use of antibiotics and access to them, particularly in developing countries. The impact on antibiotic resistance cannot be underestimated. … The need for urgent action has never been more clear. … Crucially, we must help to alter health care providers’ reliance on prescribing by symptoms alone, by providing them with rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests. … At the Longitude prize we have established a £10m fund to seek solutions for antibiotic resistance, and reduce inappropriate prescriptions by incentivizing the development of a rapid, point-of-care diagnostic test. This would allow clinicians to prescribe antibiotics only when needed, and ensure patients with viral infections were not given antibiotics. … The tide of antibiotic resistance continues to rise, and the global health care community must work together to ensure that all countries, no matter their GDP, have access to the education and tools to tackle this emerging crisis” (3/29).