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New Data On Treatment As Prevention, Medication Administration Presented At IAS 2017

BuzzFeed News: Undetectable Viral Load “Completely Effective” At Stopping HIV Transmission, Study Finds
“A groundbreaking new study found zero transmissions occurred between HIV-positive men with an ‘undetectable viral load’ due to treatment, and their HIV-negative partners, across thousands of instances of anal sex without a condom…” (Sainty, 7/25).

CNN: More evidence treatment zeroes HIV transmission during sex while the world awaits a vaccine
“…In the largest-ever trial on HIV transmission risk among homosexual men, Australian researchers explored the sex lives and HIV rates of more than 350 homosexual couples where one person is HIV-positive. The couples were from Brazil, Thailand, and Australia…” (Senthilingam, 7/25).

Washington Post: Monthly shot could be the ‘next revolution’ in HIV therapy, replacing daily pills
“…On Monday, scientists reported an important advance in the development of a long-acting antiretroviral shot. According to an international study involving 309 patients, an injection that combines two drugs, cabotegravir and rilpivirine, appears to be as safe and effective at suppressing HIV as the daily oral regimen…” (Cha, 7/24).