New CDC Director’s Past Views On HIV/AIDS, Lack Of Experience Raise Concerns

Rewire.News: We Should Be Concerned About Trump’s Latest Pick to Lead the CDC
Lisa Needham, attorney, adjunct law professor, and deputy editor of Lawyerist

“…[T]here’s no indication that [new CDC Director Robert Redfield] is prepared to lead an agency with 12,000 employees and a $7 billion budget. Redfield is associate director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland, an organization that has 300 employees and a budget of $105 million. There’s an outside chance, of course, that Redfield’s social views on HIV and AIDS have significantly evolved since [the 1990s]. … There’s even a chance that he’ll flourish at running an incredibly large and complex agency even though he has no background running anything of the sort. However, it’s distressing that his past beliefs, combined with his very thin public health experience, wouldn’t disqualify him from heading the CDC…” (3/29).