NEJM Publishes Two Perspective Pieces Discussing PEPFAR

The October 10 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine includes two perspective pieces discussing PEPFAR. One piece, from Palav Babaria of the University of California, San Francisco, discusses the successes of PEPFAR, adding, “Now PEPFAR is at risk, as investments in AIDS give way to other global health priorities — a shift supported by some in the global health community who fail to recognize that the systems delivering [antiretroviral therapy (ART)] also permit expansion of primary care, chronic disease treatment, and maternal and child health care services” (10/10). In another piece, Ingrid Katz of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and colleagues discuss the implications for HIV care in South Africa as “South Africa [becomes] the first PEPFAR-funded country to transition to full ownership of — and financial responsibility for — its HIV program” (Katz et al., 10/10). An audio interview of Katz by Stephen Morrissey, NEJM managing editor, also is available online (10/10).