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Nearly 400 Suspected Plague Cases Detected In Madagascar, WHO Reports

CIDRAP News: Plague outbreak in Madagascar spikes to almost 400 cases
“Over the past five days, 230 new suspected plague cases were reported in Madagascar, with the disease spreading to seven more of the country’s districts, the World Health Organization (WHO) said [Monday] in an update…” (Schnirring, 10/9).

Newsweek: Deadly Madagascar plague outbreak could also happen in the U.S., infectious disease expert warns
“…Although U.S. public health officials have not expressed concern about the Madagascar outbreak spreading to other countries, [Peter Small, an infectious disease-trained clinician and founding director of the Global Health Institute at Stony Brook University,] says we should not be too smug about the situation. … ‘The only reason we have [plague] cases and not epidemics [in the U.S.] is because we invest in a public health system. However, if we continue to underinvest in public health, those cases could become epidemics here in the U.S.’…” (Dovey, 10/9).