Multiple Mosquito-Borne Diseases Can Be Simultaneously Transmitted To Humans, Studies Show

HealthDay News: Mosquitoes Can Deliver Zika/Chikungunya Double Whammy
“Mosquitoes can infect people with Zika and chikungunya viruses at the same time, new research suggests. And another study found that in addition to Zika virus, two other mosquito-borne viruses — chikungunya and dengue — can also cause severe neurological problems. … The studies were to be presented Monday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Atlanta…” (Preidt, 11/14).

Wall Street Journal: Zika Virus Mosquito Possibly Spreads Dengue in Same Bite
“…The findings add to evidence that people may commonly be infected simultaneously with more than one mosquito-borne virus. A study last year by other researchers found that the mosquitoes can transmit chikungunya and dengue at the same time. Another recent study in Nicaragua found that about one in five patients who tested positive for dengue, chikungunya, or Zika actually had two or three of the viruses…” (McKay, 11/14).