Mozambique Launches New Alliance For Food Security And Nutrition

Paul Weisenfeld, assistant to the administrator at USAID’s Bureau for Food Security, writes in the Feed the Future blog about the recent “official launch of Mozambique’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Maputo.” He says, “While the country’s poverty and undernutrition rates remain high, Mozambique has the potential to grow into a breadbasket for the region,” and he describes the events of the two-day launch. “In addition to bringing together representatives from diverse sectors and perspectives, the New Alliance launch event illustrated the dynamic transformation that can happen with Mozambique’s demonstrated leadership modeled on the type of country ownership envisioned in the Rome Principles for Sustainable Global Food Security and carried forth through platforms like the African Union’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP),” Weisenfeld writes, concluding, “Through Feed the Future, the United States looks forward to continuing our close collaboration with the many partners who attended the meeting as we grow and develop together through the New Alliance” (4/15).