Mother Jones Examines Impact Of Mexico City Policy In South Africa

Mother Jones: Two Years Ago, the Trump Administration Limited Abortion Access Worldwide. These Powerful Images Reveal the Impact.
“…Two years ago last month, the Trump administration revived and expanded the Mexico City policy, also known commonly as the global gag rule. The policy blocks U.S. [global health] funds to any foreign nongovernmental organization that provides abortion-related services. In its past incarnations — all under Republican presidents, starting with Ronald Reagan — the rule only affected funding for sexual and reproductive health programs. But President Donald Trump has taken the unprecedented step of expanding the policy to cover almost all health care funding, which has created an uproar of confusion in countries like South Africa. In South Africa at least, conditions are made even worse by barriers — cultural and political — on the ground. … Several NGOs have expressed frustration that the South African government isn’t supporting them or helping them understand the new changes to the Mexico City policy, which now impact a wider array of women’s health providers than ever before…” (Todras-Whitehill, 2/2).