More Remains To Be Done To Reach MDGs In Last 500 Days

Huffington Post: How Many Lives Can We Save In 500 Days?
Ray Chambers, U.N. Special Envoy for Health Financing

“…[W]ith only 500 days remaining, I find myself thinking about what can still be done to improve the chances of reaching [the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)]. Three things rise to the top of my list: (1) securing a global financing boost that takes us to the MDG deadline and also lays the foundation for more sustainable funding approaches going forward, (2) ensuring the commitments of all players in global health to remain laser focused on saving lives and doing their best to track and report on those lives saved (3) identifying ways to maximize existing health service delivery platforms to do as much as possible to not ‘miss opportunities’ for integration…” (8/15).