More News In Global Health

Borgen Magazine: Why Lifting Women out of Poverty is Essential (Grant, 9/18).

The Economist: Climate change is making it harder to reduce poverty in Malawi (9/16).

Homeland Preparedness News: Kenya, Ghana and Malawi launch world’s first malaria vaccine (Galford, 9/17).

New Humanitarian: Why you don’t want to be a Venezuelan woman right now (Collins, 9/17).

Reuters: Scientists release sterile mosquitoes in Burkina to fight malaria (Ndiaga/Ross, 9/18).

Scientific American: Mapping HIV Prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa (Lewis, September 2019).

VOD/Global Voices: Five years after HIV outbreak in a Cambodian commune, villagers feel forgotten (Prathna, 9/18).