More News In Global Health

Bloomberg: India’s Decaying Health System Sees 140 Children Die in Outbreak (Pradhan/Kumaresan, 6/21).

Bloomberg: The Lipstick That Raised $500 Million to Fight AIDS (Bhasin, 6/21).

Deutsche Welle: Pakistan struggling to eradicate malnutrition in children (Janjua, 6/21).

Devex: WHO leaders on epidemic preparedness, organization diversity, sustainable funding (Cornish, 6/24).

Financial Review: Why an ex-bank boss is raising $20b to tackle three diseases (Seo, 6/24).

Homeland Preparedness News: Researchers turn to high-resolution images to map success, failure of malaria fight (Galford, 6/21).

Inter Press Service: World’s Poorest Nations Weighed Down by Fastest Growing Populations (Deen, 6/24).

SciDev.Net: Humanitarians turn sights on climate risk (Devri, 6/24).

STAT: Alarmed by new ‘CRISPR babies’ plan, top science figures say they’re powerless to stop it (Berke, 6/24).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Interview — Mandela’s widow warns leaders failing pledge to end world hunger (Win, 6/22).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Struggle for water intensifies as taps run dry in India (Srivastava, 6/21).

VOA News: Central African Republic Facing Acute Food Shortages (Schlein, 6/22).

Xinhua News: Somalia, U.N. begin cholera vaccination drive targeting 650,000 people (Wu, 6/22).