More News In Global Health

CIDRAP News: WHO reveals delayed pick for H3N2 flu vaccine strain (Schnirring, 3/21).

Devex: Q&A: Why the world needs science and partnerships to tackle TB (3/22). Public health activists say eradicating tobacco must be a human right (Michalopoulos, 3/22).

The Guardian: U.N. to explore wave of deaths linked to food aid porridge in Uganda (Okiror, 3/21).

The Lancet: Anthony Fauci: fighting HIV/AIDS from the beginning (Kirby, 3/23).

The Lancet: Madagascar’s battle for health (Makoni, 3/23).

The Lancet: Mali announces far-reaching health reform (Adepoju, 3/23).

SciDev.Net: Act fast to curb deaths from C-section in Africa (Rateng’, 3/21).

Xinhua News: Yemen’s new wave of cholera hits over 11,000: report (3/21).

Yahoo News Singapore: More than 90% of Singaporeans say HIV registry should stay: poll (Casandra, 3/22).