More News In Global Health

Agence France-Presse: Niger sounds alarm over ‘fake’ meningitis vaccine (3/15).

The BMJ: Overcoming vaccine hesitancy: five minutes with … Heidi Larson (Silberner, 3/18).

Ethiopian News Agency: Ministry Launches National Action Plan for Health Security (3/15).

Quartz: The British Medical Journal is the latest group to drop the baby formula industry (Timsit, 3/18).

Reuters: Uganda investigates U.N. food aid after three die, police say (Biryabarema, 3/19).

Scientific American: AI-Based App Could Screen for Cervical Cancer (Yan, April 2019).

Xinhua News: World Bank funds Laos to reduce malnutrition in children, poverty (3/19).

Xinhua News: Fiji raises awareness on tuberculosis (3/19).