More News In Global Health

BBC News: Yemen cholera epidemic strain ‘came from eastern Africa’ (1/3).

CBS News: Gayle Smith, ONE Campaign CEO, warns against complacency in AIDS, Ebola fights (Rosenkrantz, 12/3).

Devex: Nigeria faces a health financing cliff edge (Adepoju, 1/7).

Devex: Q&A: A ‘twin-track’ approach to disability-inclusive disaster preparedness (Rogers, 1/7).

Devex: MFAN fires executive director over financial mismanagement (Welsh, 1/4).

The Guardian: Yemen: Houthi rebels’ food aid theft only tip of iceberg, officials say (Beaumont, 1/2).

The Guardian: Palestinian superbug epidemic could spread, say doctors (Davies/Graham-Harrison, 12/31).

NPR: If A Worm Makes You Sick, Can This Cup Of Tea Cure You? (Beaubien, 1/3).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: From obese to starving, nutrition crisis prompts SOS call for new approach (Win, 12/28).

U.N. News: FROM THE FIELD: Powering up health care in sub-Saharan Africa (1/2).

Washington Post: An unnatural disaster (Raghavan et al., 12/27).