More News In Global Health

ABC News: Scientists are getting ahead of Rift Valley fever after learning from the Zika epidemic (Strauss, 12/15).

Al Jazeera: What’s being done to fight HIV/AIDS stigma in MENA? (12/17).

CIDRAP News: Studies on transmission, vaccine bring focus back to Zika (Soucheray, 12/14).

CNN: This app tells your doctor if you have malaria (Lewton/McCool, 12/14).

Devex: Q&A: How to ensure global access to medicines that work (12/17).

Health Policy Watch: Kenyan President Launches Benchmark Universal Health Coverage Pilot, To Become Nationwide In 18 Months (Nzwili, 12/13).

Homeland Preparedness News: New Ebola diagnosis test seeks to revolutionize outbreak control (Galford, 12/14).

STAT: NIH report scrutinizes role of China in theft of U.S. scientific research (Facher, 12/13).

STAT: The CRISPR shocker: How genome-editing scientist He Jiankui rose from obscurity to stun the world (Begley/Joseph, 12/17).

U.N. News: U.N. agencies launch emergency plan for millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants (12/14).

VICE News: One Doctor’s Desperate Attempt to Save Yemen’s Starving Children (Guettatfi, 12/14).

VOA News: New Midwives, Some Male, Want to Reduce Maternal Mortality in South Sudan (Wudu, 12/14).

VOA News: Nigerian Military Bans, Lifts Ban on UNICEF Within Hours (12/15).