More News In Global Health

The Atlantic: A Simpler Way to Get to the Bottom of Mysterious Illnesses in Poor Countries (Yong, 10/16).

CNN: Fareed Zakaria GPS: Man vs. Microbe (10/14).

Devex: A new ‘forever fund’ for food security (Rogers, 10/16).

Devex: IFC releases draft impact investment guidelines (Edwards, 10/15).

Devex: Q&A: Listening as the key to global health success (10/16).

Foreign Affairs: Capsule Review: Epidemic: Ebola and the Global Scramble to Prevent the Next Killer Outbreak (van de Walle, November/December 2018).

New York Magazine: Fake Pills, Long Waits, Few Doctors: 5 Start-ups Trying to Improve Health Care Around the World (Nosowitz, 10/15).

New York Times: Abortion Debate in Australia Has a New Element: Women in Power (Rojas, 10/15).

New York Times: Tiny Nanoparticles to Treat a Huge Problem: Snakebites (McNeil, 10/12).

STAT Plus: Controversy over a Sanofi dengue vaccine caused a crisis of confidence in the Philippines (Silverman, 10/15).

The Telegraph: Polio eradication target at risk as new cases recorded in Africa (Gulland, 10/15).

Vox: Heart disease used to be an ailment of the rich. But it’s now striking the world’s poor (Higgins, 10/15).

Xinhua News: Environmental monitoring key as world reaches global eradication of polio: study (10/16).