More News In Global Health

Bloomberg Technology: How Counting the Dead Will Help the Living (Gale, 12/14).

The Guardian: Half of young people do not use condoms for sex with new partner — poll (Greenfield, 12/14).

IRIN: World’s worst humanitarian crisis about to get worse … again (Slemrod, 12/14).

Quartz: A lifesaving childbirth tool was successfully introduced in India — but saved no lives (Merelli, 12/14).

Reuters Health: Childhood obesity climbing with media use, European doctors warn (Rapaport, 12/14).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Giant rats increase their attack on tuberculosis in Tanzania (Malo, 12/14).

Washington Post: Aid group says at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in Burma in first month of ‘ethnic cleansing’ (Bearak, 12/14).

Xinhua News: U.N. urges Kenya to reduce reliance on foreign funding in health sector (12/14).