More Funding, Political Will Needed To Fill Gaps, Slow ‘Worrying Increases’ In New HIV Infections, UNAIDS Report Says

Business Day: UNAIDS sounds warning over funding for HIV/AIDS programs
“The U.N. has issued a stark warning that a deepening funding gap threatens global progress towards ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic, which affected 37.9 million people in 2018. … After years of steadily increasing global resources, in 2018 the funding available for combating HIV/AIDS declined significantly as … investments failed to keep pace with inflation, according to a report released on Tuesday by the U.N. joint agency on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS…” (Kahn, 7/16).

Reuters: U.N. wants more urgency in AIDS fight as gains and funding fade
“The global fight against AIDS is stalling due to lower investment, marginalized communities missing vital health services, and new HIV infections rising in some parts, the United Nations warned on Tuesday. … Progress in some countries has been ‘impressive,’ the U.N. body’s report said, but others are seeing rising numbers of HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths. It noted ‘worrying increases’ in new infections in eastern Europe and central Asia, where HIV cases rose by 29%, as well as in the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America. … Global funding for the AIDS fight dropped off significantly in 2018 — by nearly $1 billion … Around $19 billion was available for the AIDS response in 2018, UNAIDS said — falling $7.2 billion short of the total $26.2 billion it says is needed by 2020…” (Kelland, 7/16).