More Effort Needed To Reduce Antibiotics Consumption, WHO Report Says

Agence France-Presse: WHO maps dangerous misuse of antibiotics
“The World Health Organization warned Monday that antibiotics consumption is dangerously high in some countries while a shortage in others is spurring risky misuse, driving the emergence of deadly superbug infections. In a first, the United Nations health agency said it had collated data on antibiotic use across large parts of the world and had found huge differences in consumption…” (11/12).

Reuters: WHO uncovers big national variations in antibiotics consumption
“…The ‘WHO Report on Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption’ looked at antibiotic use in 65 countries and found the Netherlands used 9.78 defined daily doses (DDD) per 1,000 people, while Britain used twice as much, and Turkey almost twice as much again, at 38.18 DDD per 1,000 inhabitants…” (Miles, 11/12).