More Country-Level Action, Research Into New Antibiotics Needed To Address Resistance, Experts Say

TIME: It’s Been One Year Since the World Took On Superbugs. Here’s What’s Changed
“…Since the 2016 meeting, more meetings and committees have been formed to tackle [antimicrobial resistance (AMR)] and provide recommendations on the global and national level. The WHO has urged countries to develop a national action plan on the issue. Currently, 85 percent of member countries are developing or have developed a plan, but only five percent of countries have developed an AMR action plan that addresses multiple sectors and has been implemented with funding sources and monitoring processes…” (Sifferlin, 9/22).

WIRED: The post-antibiotic era is here. Now what?
“…Just last week, the World Health Organization released a report analyzing all the antibacterial agents currently in clinical development. Its conclusions were grim: not enough drugs, not enough innovation. There’s already some amount of pre-existing resistance to just about every one of the 51 treatments coming down the line. … The antibiotic age might be over. But there’s still a lot to say about what comes next” (Molteni, 9/25).