Mobile Technology Could Help Advance Tuberculosis Care, Prevention Efforts

STAT: Smartphones should fuel the next generation of tuberculosis care
Peter M. Small, Rockefeller Foundation fellow and visiting scholar at Stony Brook University

“…While we await game-changing new diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines, we can make far better use of smartphones today to connect people with tuberculosis with the care they need. … [N]ow there are sparks of smartphone innovation for tuberculosis. … But the burning question is how to stitch together such efforts and make them widely available so that poor people are empowered to improve their own health and that of their communities. … It is past time for TB researchers and care providers to work with tech innovators, business entrepreneurs, digital companies, and mobile phone operators to adapt the smartphone technology to improve care. … Mobile technology is poised to transform tuberculosis care in the hardest hit countries. Let’s not miss this opportunity” (10/23).