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Ministers Fail To Reach Agreement On TPP; Set To Meet Again In January

“Ministers in Trans-Pacific trade talks said on Tuesday they had made ‘substantial progress’ during a four-day meeting in Singapore but have not reached a final agreement and will meet again next month,” Reuters reports (12/10). “The 12 ministers working on the Trans-Pacific Partnership said they had found potential ‘landing zones’ for many of the remaining disagreements, which involve intellectual property and agricultural products, among other issues,” the New York Times writes (Lowrey, 12/10). “Some TPP provisions would ‘trample over individual rights,’ according to WikiLeaks, which this week … released two documents it said were prepared by a TPP negotiating country and showed strong disagreement between the U.S. and its partners on issues including investor-state dispute settlement, intellectual property and the treatment of medicines,” Bloomberg notes (Chen, 12/10). “The goal of the [TPP] is to reduce or eliminate tariffs on nearly all traded products and establish rules of the road to give companies a level playing field in areas such as intellectual property and the role of government in private enterprise,” according to the Wall Street Journal (Mauldin/Brereton-Fukui, 12/10).