MFAN Recommendations On M&E Incorporated Into Accountability Guidance For U.S. Foreign Assistance Agencies

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: MFAN Recommendations Embedded in New Accountability Guidance for U.S. Aid Agencies
In a statement delivered on behalf of MFAN, MFAN co-chairs George Ingram, Tessie San Martin, and Connie Veillette highlight MFAN recommendations that were incorporated into OMB-released “guidelines that set standards pertaining to monitoring, evaluation, and learning for all U.S. foreign assistance agencies.” The co-chairs state, “The OMB process has produced sound policy guidance, however, MFAN remains concerned about the need to maintain proper staffing and resources in order to carry out these important measures. MFAN looks forward to continuing to work with OMB, aid agencies, and Congress throughout the implementation of this new guidance” (1/19).