MFAN Proposes U.S. Foreign Aid Architecture Plan To Consolidate Development Activities, Align Priorities

Huffington Post: Experts Defend Aid From Trump Cuts
“…[Tuesday,] a group of former aid leaders and experts rolled out [a new U.S. aid architecture] plan, elevating foreign aid to a cabinet-level position, pushing away a State Department takeover, and proposing to consolidate 20 foreign aid programs housed across the government. … The aid-boosting plan was written by a group of former aid leaders and experts known as MFAN — Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network. In a public hearing July 11 at the Brookings Institution in Washington, MFAN laid out a plan to revive foreign aid. It calls for the creation of a new super aid agency to be called the Global Development Agency (GDA)…” (Barber, 7/11).