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MFAN Partners Release Reports On Country Ownership

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: MFAN Partners Break New Ground in Measuring Aid Impact
Jill McArthur, program and membership coordinator at MFAN, discusses findings and recommendations from two new resources from MFAN partners on country ownership: a joint report from Oxfam America and Save the Children, which examines USAID and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) projects in Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, and Rwanda, and uses a jointly developed tool that “seeks to determine how country ownership helped: 1) enhance local leadership; 2) improve basic service delivery; and 3) forge new partnerships with the private sector to accelerate economic growth,” as well as a Center for Global Development report that “analyzes how USAID and MCC conceptualize and apply country ownership across their programs, featuring field research in Liberia, El Salvador, and Kosovo” (2/9).