MFAN Discusses Details From BUILD Act’s Joint Coordination Report, Calls For Sufficient Funding For New DFC

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: OPIC/USAID Coordination Report shows promise for strong development ties, but will Congress deliver?
This post discusses the BUILD Act’s joint coordination report, which was released this week and provides details on how the new U.S. Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and USAID will work together. The post notes, “The coordination report is full of ‘wins’ for development when it comes to the new DFC. MFAN applauds these provisions, which should maximize impact and the ability of the new body to further American interests abroad through development. Sufficient staffing and funding, however, will be needed for these ambitious efforts. MFAN remains concerned that, without further congressional action, the DFC will have insufficient resources to implement these plans. Only with the right level of funding will the DFC be able to achieve the laudable development objectives included in the BUILD Act…” (8/8).