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Mexico Proposes Policies To Support Anti-Obesity Campaign Supported By Bloomberg Philanthropies

“In a bet against an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, [Mexico’s] President Enrique Peña Nieto has proposed a tax on sales of all sugary drinks,” the New York Times reports, adding, “If it goes through, the tax will make Mexico a rare test case of a national soda tax directed at a severe obesity problem.” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s foundation is supporting the effort, the newspaper notes, writing, “Its three-year, $10 million grant is being used to support anti-obesity advertising campaigns, finance research at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health and promote policies like the soda tax, nutrition labeling and controls on junk-food television advertising aimed at children. The foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, calls its work in Mexico a pilot project that could be adapted to other developing countries if it is successful” (Malkin, 10/15).