Meeting Global Need For Family Planning, Maternal, Newborn Care In Developing Countries Would Cost Less Than $10 Per Person Per Year

Huffington Post: Investing In Women’s Reproductive Health: The Value Of $8
Seema Jalan, executive director of the Universal Access Project

“…Just-released data from the Guttmacher Institute found that meeting the global need for family planning and maternal and newborn health care in developing regions would cost just $8.39 per person per year. Imagine: less than $10 per person to fulfill the essential human right of a woman to plan her family and, if and when she is ready to have a baby, to give birth safely. But this right is still not a reality for millions of girls and women. … If we want to reach the global Sustainable Development Goals, we must reach girls and women everywhere with quality reproductive health care. … More investment by governments, donors, civil society, and individuals is needed to close this gap and break down barriers to quality reproductive health care. Only then can the reproductive health and rights of … girls and women be fulfilled. For less than the cost of a pizza, we can help a woman become empowered to pursue her hopes and dreams for the future” (7/17).