Media Outlets Report On Efforts To Develop Novel Coronavirus Treatments, Vaccines

The Atlantic: The Best Hopes for a Coronavirus Drug (Zhang, 4/8).

Financial Times: Covid-19 drugs could be made for $1 per day, say academics (Mancini, 4/9).

The Lancet: Regulators split on antimalarials for COVID-19 (Jaffe, 4/11).

Nature: If a coronavirus vaccine arrives, can the world make enough? (Khamsi, 4/9).

New York Times: At the Center of a Storm: the Search for a Proven Coronavirus Treatment (Kolata, 4/9).

Quartz: A ‘bridge to a vaccine’: The race to roll out antibody-based Covid-19 drugs (McDonnell, 4/8).

Reuters: Key China coronavirus hospital says HIV drug beneficial to patients (Goh et al., 4/9).

Science: Can prophylactic drugs keep fragile health systems running? (Kupferschmidt, 4/10).

Science: Is France’s president fueling the hype over an unproven coronavirus treatment? (Sciama, 4/9).

VOA: China Recruits Volunteers for Phase 2 Coronavirus Vaccine Trial (Xie, 4/9).

Wall Street Journal: The Bats Behind the Pandemic (Ridley, 4/9).