Media Outlets Report On Efforts To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine, Related Science

AFP: U.S. developing vaccine against deadly China virus: officials (1/28).

Financial Times: The scientist leading the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine (Kuchler et al., 1/29).

Foreign Policy: The Wuhan Virus Is Not a Lab-Made Bioweapon (Ling, 1/29).

Globe and Mail: Race is on as coalition sets tight timeline for coronavirus vaccine (Grant, 1/29).

The Hill: Scientists race to develop coronavirus vaccine. Experts say it could take over a year (Guzman, 1/29).

Reuters: Johnson & Johnson working on vaccine for deadly coronavirus (Mishra, 1/29).

STAT: In coronavirus response, AI is becoming a useful tool in a global outbreak, data experts say (Ross, 1/29).

The Telegraph: Australian breakthrough paves way for Wuhan virus vaccine (Smith/Newey, 1/29).