Media Outlets Report On Chinese Tensions With Taiwan, U.S. Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Reuters: ‘Don’t be kidnapped by China’: Taiwan tells WHO in bid for separate virus tally
“Taiwan urged the World Health Organization on Tuesday not to be ‘kidnapped’ by China, as more countries put travel curbs on its citizens because the health agency groups the island’s coronavirus cases with China in the battle on the outbreak. Taiwan has reported just 22 cases, versus China’s figure of more than 72,400, but the self-ruled island shares the agency’s classification of China as ‘very high risk’, since the WHO considers Taiwan as part of China…” (Lee, 2/18).

Washington Post: How coronavirus is worsening U.S.-China tensions
“The U.S.-China relationship was already tense amid ongoing battles over trade and cybersecurity. And then came the outbreak of a coronavirus … The illness’s rise has prompted travel shutdowns in parts of the region and raised the prospect of a recession for some major economies. Through quarantines and targeted lockdowns, U.S. authorities have so far managed to keep the virus from spreading on the American mainland. But there are concerns over a new possible wave of infections, and U.S. officials have expressed frustrations with their Chinese counterparts over the levels of information they have shared about the virus…” (Tharoor, 2/18).