Media Outlets Examine Various Aspects Of Novel Coronavirus Vaccine R&D, Access, Funding

Bloomberg: U.K. Orders 90 Million Vaccine Doses from Pfizer, Valneva (Mulier, 7/20).

Bloomberg: Most of the World May Face Covid Without a Vaccine (Paton, 7/18).

Chicago Tribune: How will the first COVID-19 vaccine affect women? ‘This leaves a big question mark’ (Bowen, 7/19).

CNN: Why North Korea says it’s joining the coronavirus vaccine race, even though it has no cases (Berlinger, 7/20).

Financial Times: Britain signs up for 90m doses of German and French vaccines (Miller/Cookson, 7/20).

Financial Times: Pre-fab vaccine facilities aim to help fill production gap (Miller, 7/19).

Financial Times: World must pick sides in vaccines battle, says Russian wealth fund chief (Foy/Seddon, 7/17).

Homeland Preparedness News: COVAX Facility builds coalition of more than 160 countries interested in equitable COVID-19 vaccines (Galford, 7/17).

New York Times: Mistrust of a Coronavirus Vaccine Could Imperil Widespread Immunity (Hoffman, 7/18).

POLITICO: Europe’s challenge of a lifetime: Manufacturing enough coronavirus vaccines (Furlong, 7/18).

POLITICO Magazine: An Indian drug mogul says Americans will pay too much for the Covid vaccine — and wants to change that (Wheaton, 7/19).

STAT: 6 burning questions Congress could push Covid-19 vaccine makers to answer (Garde/Branswell, 7/20).

The Telegraph: Russian elite received experimental Covid-19 vaccine in April, reports say (Vasilyeva, 7/20).