Media Outlets Examine Trump Administration’s Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

AP: Analysis: Trump’s virus playbook offers U.S. vs world strategy
“It’s a ‘foreign’ virus, he says — one that can be fought by closing the nation’s borders to dangerous foreigners carrying scary disease. President Donald Trump has turned to a familiar playbook as he tries to grapple with the spiraling coronavirus outbreak, blaming immigrants for the country’s problems and casting the global health pandemic as another case of the U.S. against the world. It’s an approach that public health officials say ignores the new reality of a situation that is fueling panic and confusion and fundamentally altering the American way of life…” (Colvin/Long, 3/13).

POLITICO: Trump aides pound on China. Health experts say: Please stop.
“They call it the ‘Wuhan virus.’ As a lethal pandemic races across the world, overwhelming health systems and upending entire societies, President Donald Trump’s top aides and allies see an opening to weaken a vulnerable adversary. The Trump team’s escalating drumbeat against China is worrying some public health experts, who say the attempts to blame Beijing for the coronavirus outbreak could harm efforts to combat the spreading contagion, while winning praise from others…” (Toosi, 3/13).

Additional coverage of the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19 is available from The Atlantic, POLITICO, Reuters, and Washington Post.