Media Outlets Examine Trump Administration’s Lawsuit Over Gilead’s Alleged Infringements Of Government Patents On HIV Prevention Drug

New York Times: Who Owns HIV-Prevention Drugs? The Taxpayers, U.S. Says
“It is very rare for the government to take on a drug maker over patents. But the medications made by Gilead are necessary to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, which the Trump administration has set as a goal. That cannot be accomplished if the drugs are not made more affordable. Still, exactly what effect the lawsuit will have in the fight against AIDS remains unclear…” (McNeil/Mandavilli, 11/8).

Science: Untangling the Trump administration’s lawsuit over an HIV prevention drug
“…If the government wins the case, which could take years to wind through the courts, it’s unclear what would happen to any monetary damages collected from the company — but the litigation itself might pressure Gilead to cut the price of the drug. Reducing drug prices in general has become a high priority for both the Trump administration and Democrats in Congress. And Gilead has drawn widespread criticism from HIV/AIDS advocacy groups for its steep pricing of Truvada, which, using list pricing, has an annual cost of $21,388 per patient in the United States…” (Cohen, 11/8).